chateau la caderie bordeaux superieur


Château La Caderie produces elegant wines of a highly consistent quality.
The intense characteristics of its organic wines are the fruit of meticulously cared for vineyards.
The various cuvées are subtly blended to produce a wide range of wines for different tastes, each one with its own elegant range of aromas and substance. Depending on the desired tasting profile, customers can chose the fresh and fruitiness of the white Bordeaux or, from the Bordeaux Château La Caderie wines, a Bordeaux Supérieur « Authentique » cuvée for a stronger, heavier-bodied wine, or for a finer, more complex wine one of the « Elexirs », more recently reorchestrated with the remarkable « Signatures » cuvée.









chateau_la_caderie_histoireThe name Caderie is closely linked to the history of the vineyards and wine. Caderie comes from the word « cade » which, at the time of the French revolution, referred to a cask of 1,000 litres and the Caderie was therefore the place where the « cades » were stored.  This confirms, without a doubt, that wine has been produced here for over two centuries.

The main building dates from 1819. Its architectural style, in stone and rubble stone, is typical of Gironde-style buildings, and more specifically, due to its proportions, a Fronsac-style building.




The family history of François LANDAIS, the current owner, is also closely linked to wine production. In the family tree, accounts of an ancestor, born in 1751 and already a wine-grower, can be read. This makes ten generations of winemakers.

The current estate was purchased by François LANDAIS’ grandparents in 1956. At the time, the vineyard was only a few hectares in size and the wine was sold in bulk to dealers from Libourne and Bordeaux. Wine was first bottled in 1973. In 1991, François LANDAIS took over the responsibility of running the estate.


There is an anecdote that still makes him smile. The worst years in recent decades for frost, 1956 and 1991, were also the same years that the two generations moved onto the estate; these frosts destroyed almost the entire harvest.





François LANDAIS, the original owner’s grandson, took over the estate in 1991.





chateau_la_caderieBrigitte LANFROID NAZAC joined the château Caderie team in 1992. Over the last 21 years, Brigitte has nurtured the majority of the new vineyard plots. Much like a seamstress, she prunes, disbuds, removes unwanted shoots, thins out the leaves and harvests through the seasons.





chateau_lacaderieAndré CHEVAL started in 2002. Multi-skilled, André helps in all stages of the vines development, and assists José in the cellars with the winemaking.






José RIBEIRO CARDOSO joined the company in 2010. The perfect right-hand man for François LANDAIS, José carries out all the delicate procedures in the vineyards. The cellars and winemaking hold no secrets for him. He watches over the wine until its bottled and prepares the orders.





chateau_la_caderieJustine BRUN DESPAGNE is the latest to have joined the team in 2013. As executive assistant , she answers all your requests by phone or by mail and is in charge of customer service in France and overseas..